istock_000001668763smallPublic School Nurses Training Programs – MSCDA can provide you with a Clinical Pediatric Nurse to hold in-services for Howard County Public School Nurses and help Nursing Assistants educate themselves on how to identify the symptoms exhibited by patients affected with sickle cell disease.

Patient Support Groups – MSCDA holds monthly support/discussion groups at Howard County General Hospital for patients with sickle cell disease or for interested persons wanting more information on sickle cell and how to cope with the disease.

Educational materials – MSCDA provides a vast array of educational materials in order to raise awareness including pamphlets and other literature. If you are in need of literature to use for educational purposes, please email us or contact the office.

Public School Administrators and Educators Training Programs– This service trains school administrators and their staff on the importance of sickle cell awareness and gives them creative tactics that can be used to educate their students and others. Information is also given in these sessions on how to cope with a student or family wtih sickle cell disease and the importance of screening.

If you would like to request materials or schedule a training session at your school please contact us at the office or send an email to

We are glad to service you and look forward to hearing from you!!